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LOVE – Top Gun

23 de junio de 2010

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  Olga Santalo wrote @


  Mike Salisbury wrote @

merci 🙂

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

mañana = morning
proximo año = next year

good spanish, 🙂

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

thanks. just can’t get the upside down ?

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

perfect Mike… hehe!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

mañana o el próximo año better?

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

our keyboards may have the alternate characters..i have to look it up.

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

si..no tilda.

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

Do not send never:
/ Happy New Year /
/ Feliz aNo/ Feliz aÑo/

for Christmas with your keyboard a Spanish people.

your N says / Happy anus / … hahaha!

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

right!, the problem does not exist on your keyboard Ñ, Spanish letter.


greetings Mike!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

manana!! si?

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @


too much documents…

Regards from Spain Mike! 🙂

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

si.venicia sunk by tourists in bad ropa de aberchrombie!!

i have a nikon 35mm slide scanner. i recently had the original newspaper but in a rare moment of getting more organized…la basura!!

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

Venecia sunk by tourists!!!! hahahah!

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

35mm film the universal measure, I hope it easy to scan…

Venecia chaos touristic human!!!! UFFFFFFFFFF!!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

i will look for the paper..it is on a 35mm so i have to scan it.

like here in venice, too many touristas.

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

Long time no go for the Ramblas, too many tourists hehe!… 🙂

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

Mike page of the newspaper send me urgent … haha.

  M Teres Tejedor Antón wrote @

Muy guapa hacia tiempo q no la escuchaba.

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

is the art nouveau old style dry goods store off the ramblas i believe it is “el indio” still there?

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

i have to send you a front page from the mexico city newspaper when clinton got caught.

  Sandra Shneider wrote @



  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

hahahahahaha!!! Clinton forever!!!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

i wonder if he could fit a chica in the back with him..maybe on the floor?

  xpb-INVENTARIA wrote @

interesting anecdote Mike! / Good for Clinton, hahaha!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

The movie was good for Kawasaki and good for the Navy. my cousin, a pilot with the Marine Corps, flew an F-14. my mother tells me when Bill Clinton was threatened,a double for Clinton would fly in Air Force 1 and my cousin and Clinton would fly in an F-14.

  Alejandro Ec wrote @

Creo que toda una generacion somos moteros gracias a ese peliculon…y no somos pilotos de caza de milagro!!Aunque como cancion,me encanta el comienzo de la pelicula…es increible ver esos F14!

  Mike Salisbury wrote @

good. without cruise. but a friend produced so i should shut up/

  Laura Delía wrote @

♥Top Gun♥Tom Cruise♥ Tom Cat♥


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